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Skin care trends: What really works

Despite rapid changes in global markets, skin care still remains one of the most profitable categories in business with continual growth. There are many...

Priti Mehta’s Omved brings nature and retail together

  Key findings of a new study (Global Cosmetics Market) by Allied Market Research reveal that the global cosmetics market is expected to reach $390.07...

Trends and challenges in Retail

Trends & challenges in Retail
With the rapidly changing profile of consumers the world over, it’s a challenge for retailers to keep up with the shifting shopping demands. Shoppers...

Avni Amlani: Best face forward

Avni Amlani post cover
2015 and beyond brings in an exciting period for the beauty, spa and wellness industry, as professionals and owners are moving away from offering...

Cosmetic dentistry: No more crooked teeth

32 reasons
As one of the first things people notice is your smile, if chipped, stained, or  crooked teeth are ‘hiding’ the real you, it’s time...

Arush Chopra talks about online skincare buying

Just herbs
In India, the skin care category is among the fastest growing on e-commerce and it’s driven largely by women consumers, followed by baby care...