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    Right POS for the right business


    .com strives to bring in awareness among brick and mortar stores across the country on the advantages of automating POS counters.

    The evolution in technology has spelt a boom for the major industries in India in the recent past and the vibrant retail sector is no exception to this tenet.
    The transition that Indian retail sector has seen over the years has changed the perceptions and priorities of retailers who now look to invest heavily in technology to develop a sustainable business.

    Notable among the many is the Point of Sale (POS) technology or billing/inventory management solution, which is now catching up among the retailers
    of all sizes, the future looks promising and sophisticated. Even the traditional mom-and-pop shop owners in the remotest parts of India are gradually leaning low-end POS technology to meet the demands of consumers.

    POS brings more business

    Adopting POS technology for transaction and other retail activities by businesses has made a paradigm shift in their own growth as well as retail sector’s overall outlook, says , Founder and CEO of JusTransact.com which caters innovative Point of Sale (POS) technology solutions to Indian retailer community.

    The advent of high-style retail showrooms, hyper and super markets in major cities and towns and lately, the gamut of e-commerce ventures offering wide range of products and services have largely changed the shopping style of traditional Indians.
    Cloud POS, Mobile POS, multi-channel retailing and M-wallet have given the retailers to reach out to customers anytime and from anywhere. Retailers face huge challenges of meeting the ever growing and ever changing aspirations of customers as they have no option but to keep upgrading the technology to stay afloat.

    However, in the case of POS, since the awareness level is abysmally low among retailers, finding the right POS machine for the right business model becomes quite exasperating and daunting for them.

    JusTransact.com, promoted by , has taken up the task of educating retailers on various POS products and technology solutions in an effort to make them more competitive with the large enterprises and successful in business.

    Regretting that still 90 per cent of Indian retailers spread across the country are yet to automate their billing section, Bhaskar says, “Customers these days expect convenient and smart way of making purchases. Retailers, who have technology at their disposal to serve their customers fast and efficiently,will surely have an edge over others who stick to traditional system.”

    However, India still has more than 12 million small and medium retailers who are yet to automate their billing counters with POS systems. It can be due to lack of awareness or reluctance to change, Bhaskar opines, who established Justransact.com in 2014 with the prime motive of spreading awareness on POS technology among retailers and provide quality .

    Justransact provides comprehensive information on POS products, technology updates, guidance to choose right POS solution for right business, technical guidance for users and option to get world’s leading POS brands under one roof.

    Offering wide variety of products such as touch monitors, receipt printers, cash registers, barcode scanners, barcode printers, mobile POS and cloud POS terminals for both retail and non-retail applications, the e-commerce site on POS products and technology also provides retailers an option of choose POS products for their business under various budget categories.

    “Our customers also get software support for the hardware they buy as we have a huge database of experienced POS software providers available on our site. For all the products we sell, we extend endless support and guidance to our customers,” says Bhaskar.

    POS technology finds wide applications in the retail sector, not only in general retail, but also in food and beverages, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment and non-retail areas such as warehousing, distribution, logistics, enforcement, transportation, banking, micro-finance, and many more.
    Breaking the myth that adopting POS in retail business will be cumbersome, time consuming and involves huge investment, Bhaskar concludes that retailers on the contrary find POS to be more user friendly, fast, cost-effective, convenient, occupies less store space, and most importantly, sustainable in the long run.