Tesco takes steps to provide transparency to customers

    Tesco takes steps to provide transparency to customers


    has recently made changes to ‘Price Check’ for providing real transparency to customers and reassure them in the face of “misleading claims” by , the company said in a statement.

    “When we compare our customers’ baskets with Asda’s prices, nearly 80 per cent are the same price or cheaper in Tesco than they would be in Asda,” the statement continued, “for the minority of customers whose shopping would have been cheaper, we offered to reimburse double the difference.”

    “But,” the statement added, “Price Check and Double the Difference have also given rise to a cottage industry of savvy and determined people. They identify products which are on short-term promotion in Asda then buy them at Tesco, claim the coupons through Price Check, buy more of the same products with the coupons and go on recycling the coupons to make money.”

    Maintaining that Tesco is committed to providing transparency on prices and to reimbursing the few customers who might find their shop was on that rare occasion cheaper at Asda, the company said, “We are changing it (Price Check) so that we give customers the difference, not double the difference.”

    –IndiaRetailing Bureau