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    Gitanjali Gems to enter private label apparel segment


    Jewellery manufacturer and retailer has announced its plans to enter the private label apparel segment. In the women’s wear category, the firm will introduce ethnic wear and western wear, whereas in the menswear segment, it will launch polo shirts.

    , vice president – retail, Gitanjali Gems, said, “Within the next six months, we will introduce our own apparel brands in women’s wear, menswear and kids’ wear categories. However, the plan is still at a very nascent stage and we are still identifying vendors and forming the team.”

    The company is targeting consumers from socio-economic class A and B. Gitanjali Gems also plans to open more Maya stores in Cuttack, Agra and Ranchi in the next two months.

    “Currently, the main focus is on introducing private labels for Maya store and then take the label to LFS, MBOs and franchisees,” Tulsian said.

    – IndiaRetailing Bureau