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    Customer Service? Nah! Think Partnership


    Even as customer service is considered a major differentiator, many executives don’t know how to measure, manage or make it happen across the company. But is customer service a mystery?

    Every service cycle, Ron Kaufman, the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting service, says is a series of interconnected conversations – Explore, Agree, Deliver and Assure.

    To build powerful partnerships with ever-growing levels of trust, a service provider must become excellent in all four stages. However, most companies are chronically weak in at least one of these aspects, thus, jeopardising the accumulation of trust.

    To help retail organisations learn specific action steps that need to be taken to fly over customers’ rising expectations and immediately improve the quality of service delivered at all levels of the company, the upcoming India Fashion Forum, to be held on February 17-18 in Mumbai, will have a session with Kaufman.

    Those participating in the session include , vice chairman, ; , chief executive, ; , CEO, Spencer’s Retail; and , CEO and member executive board, , among others.

    The IFF acts as a major platform for visionaries and think tanks to share their visions with the captains of the fashion industry. Besides national and global fashion retail chains, India’s top regional retail chains and most successful franchisees participate in the forum.