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    Tesco’s aim of being zero-carbon


    CEO Sir has recently called on governments around the world to work with private companies to ensure that innovation in low-carbon growth is not unnecessarily hindered by red tape.

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    Announcing the opening of two zero-carbon stores in Thailand and the , Sir Terry Leahy said governments needed to create the regulatory environment that will allow private companies to lead the way in bringing about economic growth that is sustainable in every sense, working to make green choices cheaper, simpler and more attractive to consumers.

    “Regulation has its place in setting the right framework for action on climate change, for example through an effective carbon price. But I believe in the power of the market and in people’s creativity to tackle major challenges. Governments can help create the right framework, but they cannot match the energy and innovation of the market,” said Leahy.

    He added, “The challenge is to tap into consumer power. Encourage consumers to go green, not just by saving energy but buying products with a low carbon footprint – if we can do that, then we will create a mass movement in green consumption.”

    Tesco’s new stores located in Bang Phra, 40km east of Bangkok and in Jaromer will help the company to reduce carbon emissions across its global business by 50 per cent by 2020. Tesco aims to be a zero-carbon business by 2050. The zero-carbon hypermarket at Jaromer will open in February next month. The store has a distinctive timber structure and roof, with wooden cladding to minimise the carbon associated with building the store.

    The Bang Phra zero-carbon store, set to open in the second half of 2011 in Chonburi province, will generate renewable energy onsite from 10 wind turbines plus a solar farm with panels located on the shop roof, car park canopies and neighbouring vacant land.

    Tesco’s new Leadership Academy in Jungu, Incheon, South Korea will also be a zero-carbon development and will open in July 2011.

    – IndiaRetailing Bureau